Upcoming Events

Alcohol/Drug Awareness Day at Craven Community College

Join us at Craven Community College January 31. We will have a couple presenters to tell their testimony and have several lock boxes for free for anyone whom wants them. Come support those whom tell their testimony. There will be other representatives from Craven County.

Craven County's HOPE International Overdose Day

 Craven County's Hope had a great ceremony to remember those that did not make it through the fight of addiction. We set off water lanterns on Trent River in remembrance of our loved one. If you missed us this year you can catch us on August 31, 2019. Thank you to all those that helped to make it a success.

Craven County's Hope

Craven County's Hope next meeting will be February 28th at New Bern Mall Police Substation @ 7 pm. We will be having a live testimony from William Moore and Stacy Rhodes & Katelyn Godley from Port Human Services. They will be sharing what Port has to offer in their facility. How one can get started and how their programs work. Invite a friend. All are Welcome!

Craven Community College Stop Cravin'

Craven Community College will be having an substance abuse conference on March 14 from 8:30 - 12:30 pm. Craven County's Hope is happy to be part of this. They will have 3 Great Presenters: Kenneth W Wilkins Jr MD., Matt Knight LEA Officer, Henry Beckwith Psychologist. Come out to learn new things on this topic and ask  questions, gather information. Join Craven County's Hope there and receive a free lockbox and lots of pamphlets.

Breaking Every Chain

  Craven County's Hope is honored to be part of Breaking every Chain in Pamlico County again for the second year. This a wonderful Drug and Alcohol Awareness Forum for the community and surrounding areas. You will hear testimonies and they have several Presenters this year. Join us March 23 from 9 am to 1 pm. We will have lots of informational pamphlets and free lockboxes. See you there!

Craven County Task Force

Craven County Hope is happy to be working with the county officials and other agencies to clean up the opioid epidemic here in Craven County.