Upcoming Events

Belks Charity Day Sale

Craven County's Hope is one of many nonprofits that is helping Belks with this one day sale. Come see us on Saturday, May 5th from 6am to 10am.

Vanceboro Strawberry Festival

Craven County's Hope is happy to be working with a wonderful community. We will have a table at the Strawberry Festival on Friday May 4th and Saturday May 5th with information and lock boxes  for free. We also have tshirts, polos and jewelry for sale. Come see us on Friday from 5 to 10 pm and Saturday from 9am to 4pm.  Come check us out!

Bridgeton Blueberry Festival

Craven County's Hope is looking forward to our 2nd year with Bridgeton's Blueberry Festival.  Come find us on June 16th from 8am to 5pm. We have will have Tshirts, Polos, Stickers, Magnets and Jewelry for sale. We have Lock Boxes for free for all those that need one.          Come see us there!

New Bern High School Summit

Craven County's Hope is happy to be part of the 2nd Annual End of the Year Summit. We will be there on Wednesday, June 13th and Thursday, June 14th. We will be selling our Tshirts, Polos and Jewelry along with Magnets and Stickers with Hope's Logo on them. Come by and support  Craven County's Hope.

Trent River Raft Race

Craven County's Hope is excited to be part of the Trent River Raft Race on June 23rd from 10 am to 7pm. We will have our Lock Boxes and Resources available for everyone. We will have a variety of Hope item for sale also. Come by and see us!

Craven County Task Force

Craven County Hope is happy to be working with the county officials and other agencies to clean up the opioid epidemic here in Craven County.